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06 March 2016 @ 02:32 pm
This video is about how the abuse Don suffers in the past makes it so he cannot give or accept love and thus destroys both of his marriages.


04 January 2016 @ 01:07 am

Here's my latest Mad Men fanfic about Don never feeling that he can be loved. Enjoy!


Don talking with hippie girl

“’Does someone love me?’”


“That’s what your question was.”

“Why would you say that?”

“That’s everyone’s question.”

Don listening to Leonard at Esalen

Does someone love me? No. Never.

Love is for everyone else. I am a fool. For thinking that someone could actually love me.

Aimee feeds dick soup and then rapes him

I wanted to believe it so badly when Miss Swanson took care of me, fed me soup like a loving mother. I learned the price I had to pay for it. For my foolishness.

When you fall for love it strips you of your dignity.

Don and Betty after having sex at Bobby's camp

Sex is just sex, nothing else. It should not be mixed up with love, like everyone thinks - like everyone hopes.

Like I had dared to hope with Megan.

Don & Megan after the Heinz dinner

As soon I begin to feel stirrings of something else . . . something far more than just sexual fascination, she pulled away. Had she ever really loved me? No.

Spilled Milkshake

I had fallen for her gentleness, her kindness, her creative spark. I loved. But she didn’t. She left me so easily. And I loved her enough to let her go . . . into that other world. Without me.

Don watching Megan's reel

03 January 2016 @ 05:03 pm
Here’s my latest Mad Men video:

It's about the death of Don & Megan's relationship.
Originally posted by sunclouds33 at Mad Men: Season 5 Unpopular Opinions: Don/Peggy Edition
I wrote a REALLY long piece of my UOs for S5 Don/Peggy. I just decided to make it it's own post. I'll come back (probably much later) with my other Mad Men S5 Unpopular Opinions.

Sometimes they drag the secretaries in for focus groups to try things and I was discovered. Like Esther Blodgett.Collapse )</i>
26 October 2015 @ 01:14 pm
Originally posted by sunclouds33 at Mad Men Season 3 Unpopular Opinions
OK- continuing the UO Mad Men/The West Wing Unpopular Opinions series- but I need to put more thought into my West Wing S3 UOs. (Hmm, the choices I use for the LJ cut tend to be...ahem, Sterling's Gold. Sounds about right for my taste in sound bites.)

Let me put it in account terms: Are you aware of the number of hand jobs I’m going to have to give?Collapse )
Originally posted by sunclouds33 at Mad Men and The West Wing Season 2 Unpopular Opinions
For this post, I'm putting my Mad Men Season 2 and West Wing Season 2 unpopular opinions in the same post- but divided them with different cuts (with quotes thematic to the OPPOSITE show but both from S2 to amuse myself).

That's what it is. Right after admitting that we are powerless over alcohol and a higher power can restore us to sanity. That's where you come in.Collapse )

Every scientist, engineer, general, is trying to figure out a way to put a man on the moon or blow up Moscow, whichever one costs moreCollapse )
24 September 2015 @ 09:52 pm

This is my latest vid about Megan & Don.  It is not my usual fare – it is a straight up shippy vid. No angst, no sorrow, no tragedy. Just happy, shippy Don & Megan.  I needed to make this video to “cleanse” (LOL) from Season 1 & 2 because I’d actually like to still like Don.  I cannot stand him in those seasons – he is such a dick (hubby and I just finished up Season 2). I needed to make this video so I could “remember” the good times with Megan. J I love the Don that loves Megan.  He’s still angsty – I love dark and tortured men – but he lets Megan support him to some extent – and he tries with her.  Unlike Betty - who he totally shuts out. He is so emotionally unavailable to her it is unbelievable. Been there.  Done that.  It’s just too freakin’ painful to watch.  Probably why my last vid (a Don/Betty one) was so hard to do.  Don knows how to be a good husband.  He just isn’t.  Ugh.

In this video Don is in rare form:  He is actually happy.  Yes, a lot of sexy, smiling scenes of Don. J You could argue that he’s not really happy.  But I choose to believe that he is or at least thinks he is with Megan.

I chose the “bubble gum pop” song “The Right Stuff” by the New Kids on the Block (don’t kill me!) because to me it just fits them so much.  And hey, it’s a shippy vid!  So it’s okay, right?

Initially I was so pissed at Don for dropping Dr. Faye Miller to MARRY Megan.  It was a serious WTF moment!!! I figured he did it because he was scared at how close Faye was getting to him and panicked, making a compulsive mistake - just choosing Megan because she happened to be good with his kids.  But then I do believe Don actually fell in love with Megan (for real) after the Heinz pitch.  He fell in love with her brain – he loved the way her mind worked.  And then they were SO good together. Sigh. I tried to showcase that in this vid.
13 August 2015 @ 08:14 pm

Why are men so hot doing "Men's Work?"  Here Don wows the ladies with his faucet-fixing skills.